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The winner of the ARC is Patti Borgognoni! Watch for an email from me! Thanks so all of you for your comments!

I am so excited that Rum and Choke, the fourth book in the Chloe Jackson Sea Glass Saloon mystery, comes out on December 27th. I loved writing this book and I hope you like it as much as I do!

Here’s a bit about the book: Chloe Jackson runs a saloon in Emerald Cove, Florida—and she also happens to be an expert at putting people behind bars . . .
The Florida Panhandle Barback Games are coming up and Chloe’s been drafted to represent the Sea Glass Saloon—competing in various obstacle-course events that conclude with rolling an empty keg up a hill. The rivalries are so fierce that some of the participating bars even stoop to bringing in ringers.
Meanwhile, Chloe’s friend Ann—a descendant of the famed pirate Jean Lafitte—asks her to come along for a boat ride as Ann dives into the Gulf of Mexico. She’s found some old papers that may identify the location of sunken treasure. Instead, she finds a sunken body—of one of the ringers hired for the Barback Games.  Now that murder is in the mix, Chloe has to figure out whether one of the competitors went overboard . . .

Kirkus Reviews said: A Florida bartender’s sense of obligation and adventurous spirit lead her into danger. They also called it “a fun read.”

Readers: Do you know what a barback is? I learned about them when I was researching for the series. Let me know and one of you will win an ARC of Rum and Choke.

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  1. I love the cover, Sherry! Kudos on the latest addition to your series.

  2. Congratulations, Sherry – I can’t wait to read the next Chloe. I didn’t know what a barback was until I started reading the comments!

  3. I had no idea what a barback was until I read it here. I love reading books based in Florida. Thank you for this chance at your giveaway. pgenest57 at aol dot com

  4. Sherry, I always knew the term barback and just assumed it was an assistant to the “actual” bartender.

    I’m really looking forward to RUM AND CHOKE, having always liked the series but really loving the last book a whole lot.

    1. Congratulations in advance on the upcoming release, Sherry! I learned what a bar back is a few years ago when older kiddo got their bartenders license. Cheers!

  5. Congratulations on Rum and Choke!! “A fun read” is the perfect compliment to me for a cozy! I had never heard of a barback, but I googled it, and it sounds like they’d be the busiest worker at a bar.

  6. My husband and I watch “The Voice” and this season there was a contestant on that was working his way through college as a barback. He explained what he did for the job and it was the first time we had ever heard of it. Sherry, your Chloe Jackson series is a favorite of mine. I have read them all and look forward to this newest one. It looks like another winner!

  7. I learned the term barback when my nephew told me about his new job! Love the Chloe Jackson series as it reminds me of my college days on the west coast of Florida (minus the murders, of course!).

  8. On my first reading, I thought it said barracks, which as an old Army brat I knew exactly what it was. Then I thought that didn’t make sense. Slowed down and read it again. LOL I will admit that I did not know what it was, but was fascinated when I researched it – which really “assisted” me in understanding what it was. 🙂

    Oh how I would LOVE the opportunity to read “Rum and Choke”! Love the cover and love the storyline – both characters and the story. I’d be more than happy to post reviews everywhere sharing those post on social media and to bring the book to the attention of others. Thank you for the chance to win an ARC.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  9. 3 of my adult kids worked in restaurants so they were all barracks at one time or another, assisting the bartender.

  10. CONGRATULATIONS on RUM AND CHOKE dear Sherry!! You are so very talented! I was a bartender assistant during one summer while I was at university, and never knew that I was a barback or bar-back 🙂 Wonderful that one learns something interesting every day…it proves that one is still above ground 🙂 Now I can put this new title on my resume (LOL)…Thank you for generously offering one lucky reader an ARC copy!!! Luis at ole dot ravel

  11. Love the cover! A barback helps out in the background of the bat, not with customers.

  12. Nope, Sherry, I don’t know what a barback is. I guess I better win your book so I can find out! Or, of course, I could just buy it!

  13. So looking forward to catching up with Chloe! I love both the series, and the setting – we ran to Destin to escape Hurricane Irma and the folks there made us feel like we were honored guests instead of refugees.

    Had to look up barback. Interesting concept!

  14. Most important, I LOVE THIS SERIES!! I love the way the atmosphere, the environment, and the vibe all contribute to the story. What a fun spot for a cozy series.
    A barback makes sure that the bar is stocked with glasses and barware.

  15. I don’t know what a barback is, but I love the idea of obstacles courses. I’ve requested my ARC from Kensington, so no need to enter me in the giveaway.

  16. A barback is someone who assists the bartender by doing all of the little things that the bartender does not have time to do. The duties can include organizing and getting supplies, washing dishes, wiping down counters and tables and cleaning floors and restrooms. It sounds like the barback secretly runs the whole place! What an important job!

  17. I have never heard of a barback, I had to look it up! Sounds important! What a fun book cover! Thanks so much for the chance!

  18. I didn’t know until I read other people’s comments but I love this series so I would like to win the ARC!

  19. I did not know what a barback was until you mentioned it, so I looked it up. I could have waited to read your comments though, but I like to research. I loved your Sarah Winston books and know a lot about antiques so I could have made lots of comments there without looking things up. But I do like Chloe Jackson now! She is more fun than Sarah was. I love the titles play on words. One of our favorite cocktails is a Cuba Libre or Rum and Coke, so this title is especially fun for us, displaced in Georgia now, Texans that grew up on the Mexican border. I have read all three of your books in this series. My best friend, who I trade books with, has established a library in a huge closet and so we keep all of the books there if we want to read them again. I would love to read Rum and Choke sooner rather than later if I win a copy. Thanks.

  20. I didn’t until I saw the answers here. Sounds like fun, can’t wait to read it!

  21. I had never heard of a barback either. This looks like such a unique and fun series I must investigate..

  22. I just googled “barback”, did not know what it was before. Hey, I learned something new today! Congrats on the new book.

  23. A barback is a bartender’s assistant. Love the cover of Rum and Choke, can’t wait to read the book.

  24. I had never heard the term until today. Looking it up and reading the comments has once again increased my vocabulary and knowledge. I love when I actually learn something while I read a book for enjoyment. Your mysteries are definitely enjoyable. Chloe is someone I’d like to have for a friend. Loyalty and curiosity mixed with a sense of justice and knowing right from wrong. What a great combination.

  25. I’ve never heard the term bar back but I do love your books and would love to read this!

  26. A barback a bartender’s assistant.
    I didn’t know there were different types of bartenders.
    Excited for your new book to come out! I love this series!!!

  27. I learned what a barback was from reading! Love this series and cannot wait for this one!! Thanks for the chance and congrats on the book!

  28. I only knew that a bartender’s assistant is called a barback from reading other books. The things you learn from books..LOL!

  29. The bar back does everything except make drinks and serve. They clean, restock, and prep the twists, olives, etc. It’s MUCH more fun to be the bartender.

  30. A barback is the equivalent of a busser in a restaurant. They clear refill garnish stations, haul kegs/cases of beer and/or liquor, bring clean glasses from the kitchen to the bar and generally support the bartender in whatever he or she may need. I think that barbacks and bussers are some of the hardest working employees and must bust their tushes (my niece, Viv’s, favorite word as a kid) from the start of their shift until the get to clock out. I’m guessing they are exhausted by the time they get home. I’m thinking that it would be far more fun and rewarding (Tips, please!) to be the actual bartender.

    Congratulations on the book and thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Congratulations!! Loved the first two books in this series. Can’t wait to read Rum and Choke!!!

  32. Looking forward to reading Rum and Choke and hoping for another Sarah Winston.

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