Wicked Wednesday: Strong Women

Edith/Maddie here, kicking off a month of Strong Women as our March Wicked Wednesday theme.

And now you know the extent of my talent in visual art! Nothing wrong with a stick figure, I always say, and check out their impressive biceps. (The graphic was put together by the talented Jennifer McKee.)

It’s well-known that staying physically fit helps us feel better and live longer. I can say with confidence that my fellow Wicked Authors are women full of life, and we all want to live well as long as we can. We have words to write and worlds to create, after all.

So, Wickeds – what do you do to keep your physical self strong? Lift weights? Carry grandbabies – or dogs? Isometric pushups against the wall? Brisk walks, swims, or gym workouts? Crunches at your desk? Share with our readers. And if you don’t want to talk about yourself, how about your protagonist(s)?

Sherry: I take lots of walks. And funny you mentioned wall pushups because I do those on and off. I keep saying I’m going to get in a routine with them, but never do. I also do some balance exercises which I also need to do on a more regular basis. Chloe is a big fan of running and water sports — that keeps her in shape.

Jessie: For the last three years I have slowly become a fairly regular runner. I injured a knee back in December so I have been off my game a bit lately, but it is my exercise of choice. Recently, my husband gifted me with an infrared sauna which I have gleefully added to my self-care routine. There is nothing like sweating for an hour whilst the frigid north wind howls round the house!

Liz: Jessie! I’m so jealous – it’s a life goal of mine to have a sauna IN MY HOUSE. I love them. I take lots of walks on the beach – 6 or 7 miles a day in the warmer months. I’m also a huge Body Pump and Body Combat junkie. I have the on-demand channel so I can work out whenever. Sometimes if I’m feeling like I need something different I’ll hit the rower or the elliptical in my building’s gym.

Edith/Maddie: I was a runner for a decade or so, Jessie, and loved that feeling. No more, alas. Instead, I walk a minimum of 10k steps a day and just bought myself a set of weights – pairs of three, five, and eight pounds in pretty colors – because I’m determined to try to build back some muscle. Sherry, I take an online balance class twice a week that’s very good. Let me know if you want the link!

Julie: List me as another Wicked jealous of Jessie’s sauna! These days especially. I endeavor to get 5-10K steps a day, and have become a fan of doing virtual walking challenges. I also am a fan of dance workouts, especially Country Head and Let’s Get Up. I’m also adding yoga to the mix. I used to run (well, never really run but walk fast) but my knees are sore these days. Nevertheless, I’m thinking about signing up for a 5K this spring to challenge myself.

Readers: What do you do to try to stay fit?

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  1. Right now it’s through physical therapy, which is about to end. I will continue with the exercises that I’ve learned. With spring coming, I will be enjoying more time working in the flower beds which is more physical than most think, but with medical issues, it most definitely is for me. It’s fun when you can match exercise with something you love doing to start with. Just doing the weekend household chores keeps me moving, bending and stretching. I’m definitely just as sweaty and exhausted after I try to keep up with what I use to do (meaning most time it takes days to do what I once did in a one). I’ve often wondered if failing eye sight with age helps us not to see all that really needs to be done. 🙂 However, I refuse to stop and give up. Staying active helps me to remain mobile, which is my goal. I am the tortoise now instead of the hare, but I’ve learned that speed doesn’t always win.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  2. Because of my knee and the damage to my vestibular system, I can’t do the level of physical exercise I used to. But now that the weather is getting better (maybe), I can get back to walking Koda. And there is a YMCA with a heated pool near the Cottage, so I’ll probably get a membership (the local pool is unheated which provokes pain in my arm after just a few laps).

    Years ago, I did taekwondo, but the knee and balance issues put an end to that. I couldn’t do the moves any longer.

    I need to look into gentle yoga or something, too. Preferably something online because work makes it chancy to leave the house on a regular basis and I’m often not in the mood to leave by the end of the work day. Too easy to push it off.

    1. A warm pool sounds delightful, Liz. Let me know if you’d like the link to my gentle balance class (W-F at 10 AM for 45 minutes).

  3. Oh, love this. I’m a life-long runner, but since moving to Maine it’s become a spring/summer/fall activity. I wish I had room for a treadmill, but no joy there. I did some snowshoeing this winter on our property. It was fun, but the snowshoes didn’t have enough float to keep me on the snow in the sunny parts. Definitely waiting for spring!

  4. I try and walk every day. Love the way it makes me feel! Feels so good to move.

  5. I run a couple of days a week, and this last year, I added paddle boarding. I need to try to talk more on non-running days and add some push ups and crunches to my routine. I could do those while watching TV, so I have no excuse other than laziness.

  6. Walking has always been my favorite exercise. I let age and inertia (abetted by pandemic), a move from CT to FL, and inconvenient construction near my home to drop my walking from 4-5 miles a day to 1-2 (if I was lucky). Slowly working my way back…blessed by a firm sandy beach and year around warm weather to help. Most important for all of us…just keep moving.

  7. Nothing anymore. I used to work out three times a week and walk four miles every day no matter what doing 1o minute miles and ride my bike 25 miles in 2 hours and weightlifting. Problem is I am now 74 and I cannot do all of that stuff and some of that overworking exercise has gone to fat. I just try to get around as best I can and sometimes do more each day. I actually have lost 15 pounds and I still enjoy Happy Hour and good food. I am happy!

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