Join Me in Wishing My Mom a Happy 96th Birthday!

As you read this, I’m flying home from celebrating my mom’s 96th birthday! I thought I’d share some photos from her life with you. My love of reading comes from my mom. Our house was filled with books and trips to the library were frequent. Mom is still an avid reader and reads our Wicked blog every weekday!

Mom in third grade. She’s the one on the far left.

Mom holding the basketball with her high school state championship team.

I always call this photo the original selfie and don’t know how they managed to take it with a Brownie camera where they couldn’t see themselves! This is one of mom’s lifelong friends, Mary Lou.

Mom at a college party.

My parents — they met in college.

Mom with two sorority sisters — Bev and Pat. I’ve known these women all my life. The woman on the right was always Aunt Pat to me. She was a big influence in my life and I loved her dearly.

Mom with me at a lake.

And now for a leap ahead!

The day my mom found a giant shell and I only found a tiny sand dollar!

Mom when Tagged for Death (my first book) came out!

Watching sunset with my daughter a couple of night ago.

Readers: Please join me in wishing mom a happy birthday!

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  1. Happy birthday! Cherish the time with your Mom. My Mom passed away in January. God bless you both.

  2. Happy birthday Sherry’s Mom! Your life and legacy are wonderful. Wishing you many more happy moments.

  3. Wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing them. We love your mom and loved your dad, too.
    B. was my 9th grade algebra teacher, and I still remember the time he announced in class that “one student’s mother made me a pumpkin pie, and she’s getting an A”. LOL

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