Wicked Wednesday: How our Characters Relax

Edith/Maddie here, loving the summer produce north of Boston.

Wickeds, pick one or more of your characters and describe how they relax in the summer.

Sherry: Chloe loves to go out for an early morning run to relax before going to work. (That’s the complete opposite of how I would choose to relax!) After work she loves taking a glass of wine and good book out to her screened in porch that looks out over the Gulf of Mexico. (Now that is something I can get on board with!)

Jessie: Edwina gardens and takes long, rambling walks with her dog. Beryl loves nothing more than putting down the top on her motorcar and taking it out for a spin!

Barb: Julia Snowden doesn’t get much chance to relax during the Snowden Family Clambake’s busy summer season. It’s hard for her to even find time to solve all the murders. But she does occasionally lift her head and look around to take in the sight and smell of the ocean and the sounds of her happy guests and to appreciate all that she has. She’s much better at relaxing during the off season than she was when she moved back to Busman’s Harbor at the beginning of the series.

Edith/Maddie: Mac Almeida sometimes goes for long walks on the beach with her husband Tim, or she puts up her feet on the deck and sips a cool white wine while reading the latest cozy mystery for the Cozy Capers book group. Except in the book I just turned in, Murder at the Rusty Anchor, her brain is too busy with solving the murder to let her relax much, even in July.

Julie: Lilly Jayne gardens. She turns compost to work off frustration, but she gardens to relax. And talks to her flowers. Sully Sullivan, from the Theater Cop series, probably goes to cold case websites and listens to true crime podcasts. Otherwise, I’m not sure she knows how to relax.

Edith: I LOVE that Lilly turns compost as an outlet for frustration, Julie!

Liz: Summer is Maddie’s busiest time too with so many visitors on the island. But the ocean is her favorite place too, so she’s making time to walk the dogs and smell the salt air before running off to help cats or solve mysteries – or other family problems!

Readers: Which of our characters do you share a relaxation practice with?

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  1. Think I’m more like Edwina. I can relate as a fellow senior citizen the importance of having hobbies we enjoy and that help us to relax. I love working to keep our flowers to growing and blooming even in the excessive heat of summer. (Other than the water bill. LOL) We do love to jump in the car and take off to explore new places and see new sights. I might add that we always have our cameras with us in order to try to capture what they eye sees in a photo.
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    1. I want to hang out with after -work Chloe. I love the Gulf Coast beaches.

  2. Jim Duncan would probably head out fishing. I’m not sure about Betty. But I’m probably most in tune with Sally Castle. Pour a glass of wine, grab a book, and put your feet up!

  3. I would say Julia Snowden. I love observing nature and it helps me to relax.

  4. I’m Chloe all the way, but I don’t get much of a chance for a morning run, I’ve moved it more to an afternoon hike/run. Gotta burn off those wine calories!

  5. I think I’m more like Edwina. When I dogsit my brother’s dog Emma, I love to taker her on long rambling walks where she leads the way.

  6. Love them all. Definitely love that Lilley Jane turns compost. We hast had a 20+ hour electricity outage and I found I couldn’t even relax then, even with a book! Gotta turn my mind off!

  7. I would have to say Barb’s character. I use a walker and wheelchair. The walking and running are not possible for me. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

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